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The moment I realized there is an easier way to collaborate

I met with the Document Management System

A Document Management System (DMS) is an electronic system (software) that helps to manage, track and store your documents centrally. The documents are accessible and changeable everywhere, inside the company and on other devices and the DMS´s records the different versions.

Turned out it can help in so many ways

Some elements are part of most DMS´s, to provide the basic usability. This includes the check-in/check-out of documents, version control, access rights or the searching function. Other optional features can be digital signatures, scanning or the email integration.

Just add some keywords to the document and all employees will be able to find the document .

The basic features help you to organize your documents more efficient and avoids two people working on a document the same time and as a result conflicting versions. It also helps to include all the people and give them read or read/write access rights to work most efficient with the documents. The searching function saves very much time, wasted so far with the looking through Paper Mountains to find the right documents. Just add some keywords to the document and all employees will be able to find the document. The additional features improve the efficiency even further by giving you the opportunity to sign documents digital. You just need to write a comment and the rest goes over the system. Some DMS´s have the email integration, so emails are automatically saved on the DMS, but even if your DMS does not providethis, simply create a word document with your emails and upload is and the emails are available for everyone.

To sum up the advantages of a the usage of a DMS there is the increased process efficiency through the avoidance of different available versions, you can get a higher customer satisfaction, because you need less time to find the right documents and you have a more sustainable development, saving paper and related costs.

The increased process efficiency through the avoidance of different available versions, you can get a higher customer satisfaction.

So I wondered who should use DMS

Companies which deal with high amounts of different forms of documents and also with different document resources should use a DMS. It is also supportive for companies, which need collaboration over different locations and with different devices.

Some branches, like food safety industry or medical devices require a DMS by law. But almost every company can benefit of the usage of a DMS (small/large companies, NPO).Other topics to think about concerning the usage of a DMS are the needs that the system should fulfil, like the option to integrate email or to control access and an easy and fast implementation.

And what does the market offer to the DMS customers

The market of DMS is very competitive with many providers for DMS and with lots of niche providers. A general differentiation could be the cloud based or the on premise basis of the software. Bigger companies often prefer the on premise, because they have better control and are less dependent. Other characteristics DMS’s could be differentiated after are the price, licence type, number of users, supported operation systems, languages, file formats or the scanning feature.To find the right DMS it is also necessary to be aware of the different versions, available of some provider. This decision depends on questions like how many people work with the DMS (how many accounts), or is storage or collaboration more important for the customer.

The future on that market could be rough for new companies, because of the competitive environment on the one hand, but on the other hand, so far no standard was established and that makes the market attractive. The demand for DMS grows, thanks to the more electronic daily business processes, so the market seems to be attractive and offers great chances.

DMS provided by WEB BAY

With all the advantages

The DMS version created by software specialists from Web Bay Solutions was developed to provide companies with a DMS, which do not have their daily business in the IT area.Other areas of usage could be for teams with different locations or new team members who need to know the status quo of projects. The main targets of DMS are therefore small companies with no or less experience with IT, which want to be more efficient with the handling of their huge amount of documents.

For these targets, the system is very good, after reading the user guide and testing the DMS it becomes obvious, that this system is very easy to use. The DMS is structured in working groups (departments/projects/…) and you can add and delete people, as well as organize your documents regarding access rights.

The DMS is structured in working groups (departments/projects/…) and you can add and delete people, as well as organize your documents regarding access rights.

With DMS you can add to-do lists and deadlines in the description of the document and this helps to organize the workflow. The very easy handling of DMS results in a great opportunity for users. The symbols are self-explaining and with the history, comments and activity boxes you are always up-to date regarding the progress in the document.

And weaknesses

Negative of DMS could be, that it is a basic system for smaller companies, so that customers could get the feeling, they don’t have the same opportunities like with another system or that they have to change the provider, when their business is growing.

The email notification for every change in the documents or for discussions are good to stay up to date, but could lead to a too huge amount of emails for the users, so that they stop reading them properly, because they feel disturbed in their daily tasks.

To offer a free trial should help to convince the potential customers that DMS makes their daily work easier and more efficient. And they see that before the final implementation, so there is a test phase, which helps to make the final implementation smoother and with less confusion. A free trial also helps to convince employees of the system and not just the final decision maker.

And my final friendly advice

The growing market for DMS and the easiness of it provides a good chance, if the system is offered to the right targets. Then it can be a respected and appreciated system especially for smaller companies. The further development options to provide more functions (folder structure) is attractive for growing companies, who could tell their wishes during the development. DMS can be a chance for smaller companies to use the same kind of software like big companies, but adjusted to their needs.

New entrants to the DMS market should be aware that there is a high competition in the market and that there are specialized providers (e.g. DMS especially for law firms). This means for DMS/Web Bay, that the marketing and the functionality of DMS needs to be very good, before implementing the system, to prevent the risk, losing customers to competitors. The good service of Web Bay completes the offer and is a package that should be attractive to the targets.

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