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Content management challenges

Publishing content online can be a time consuming task and sometimes it comes in bulk. Communication and marketing staff can lose hours or days just preparing content and publishing it online. Lack of training or experience with web content management can have heavy impact on the performances.

Web Bay can make your organisation more efficient by handling content publishing to various platforms.


Reduce your workload by outsourcing content publishing

Reduce cost and gain more time to focus on business-critical tasks by outsourcing content publishing.
Key benefits are:

  • Central Europe time zone and similar business & culture affinity Your content is published by our in-house staff based in Belgrade, Serbia. You are in direct communication with a specialist dedicated to your account. Tight integration with your organisation and project.
  • Content is optimised by professionals. Your text and images are optimised for search engines. We take care of writing meta tags, social share tags and alt texts for images.
  • Cost effective. No recurring costs – get assistance only when you need it. Fixed price per working hour. Transparent charges and up-front estimates. No minimum workload criteria.
  • Custom defined SLA (Service Level Agreement).

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