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FAQ section

What is an animated video?

Animated videos are videos which feature animations, drawings and illustrations and other computer-generated effects to convey a message. They're created by our first-class animators, who make sure that the animations are following closely the project's industry, style and audience.

Animating a video allows for a greater flexibility and introduction of concepts which would not be possible within a regular video. The used combination of sound and visuals appeal to all user senses and the animation keeps the user interested.

Moreover, they're versatile and can bring any topic to life, especially when bringing closer an unknown concept. Finally, animated videos are a fun, interactive way to make your target audience absorb the desired message.

Why they're important for EU projects?

Modern digital citizen interacts with the cause or a project mostly through visual content, which needs to be clear and easy to grasp. Creating a memorable, clear & attention-catching animated explainer video will help introduce your project to wider audiences. It is a great tactic to gather a larger community of supporters.

Do I need any technical knowledge or experience?

No. Our project manager leads you through the whole process. Project manager is there to explain every step of the process and provide a connection between you and our experts.

How much does it cost?

The price of the video depends on its length.

30 seconds video = 450 EUR. All costs included, no hidden fees. Everything needed for a perfect animated video is included in this offer:

  • script by professional copywriter
  • voiceover by voice actor
  • unlimited revisions

Usually, video length varies between 30 and 180 seconds. It depends on your project needs and goal.

You can get a precise offer from us by getting in touch in the form below. 

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