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TYPO3 CMS serves as a great platform for development of business-specific applications. Due to its flexibility and security, it is used to craft a web-based software that supports any business processes of your organisation.

Intranets is a web application that can be accessed only from company premises or via specific „virtual private network“. It works in browser but it is only visible to your organisation’s employees or stakeholders, not to the whole internet.

With extranet web applications, people must log-in first in order to see information. Typically a members-only area of the website is considered as an extranet. You can reach extranet from any point on the globe, but only authorised people will be able to see the information.

Examples of intranets & extranets:

  • Event / conference websites. Added-value and easier communication with attendees of your event or conference. Share news, documents and stories with your audience.
  • Online document management. Manage documents online, establish easier teamwork and distribute documents securely to the stakeholders. » Read more
  • Community management. Organise your members and clients into working groups / projects and sparkle engagement and collaboration using message boards, meeting management, document sharing, email notifications, online networking... » Read more
  • Business-specific software. Applications to support your daily business, automate tasks of your employees, ensure quality control etc. Can vary from simple programs to large, integrated, mission critical software.

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