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Document management system: software that supports your work

Everyday troubles with organizing data

Every day, we are dealing with complex tasks requiring to use stocks and stocks of paper, leading to delays, losses of data, and information overload. This is all likely to slow down the business’ daily processes, increase the mess, damage the firm’s credibility, and lead to an overall entity’s loss of value.

However, the natural human being' need to have all the right things in the right places brought to the recent development of a very handy solution to all these problems: Document Management System.

The better data organization – the better business organization

DMS allows businesses and individuals to efficiently store, track and manage documents and relevant data at any time.

DMS allows businesses and individuals to efficiently store, track and manage documents and relevant data at any time, in the office (as well as at home), through the PC or the mobile phones, resulting in a better responsiveness to changing customers’ needs and a coordination level that was not even far possible before.

Moreover, DMS leads to a safer channel through which exchanging trivial and delicate data related to the core productive, financial and legal aspects of a business, avoiding the use of less secure e-mails and faxes.

Every Business has need for Document Management System

Of course, the individual and the managerial needs vary from industry to industry, and that’s why each market field has different problems to solve and different needed requirements, for instance:

  • Corporate Accounting and Finance firms need a practical solution that helps them storing tons and tons of information in a well organised and easy-to-manage way;
  • The recent years’ requirements for a more coordinated and more efficient sanitary system made DMS a fundamental asset for hospitals, medical offices, and even healthcare insurance companies;
  • Even the Airline Industry has recently developed the need for a tool providing a help to pilots tracking and monitoring information before, during and after their flights. Lufthansa Systems commercialised a platform gathering data and files such as airport maps and en-route charts (updated every 28 days) adopted by more than 200 airlines worldwide.

DMS for those who are not 'computer persons'

However, it’s not all roses: one many DMS’ drawbacks is the requirement for an almost intermediate-level background in IT that cannot be achieved by many businesses, giving their providers room to convince non-expert customers that they need a great variety of features that in practice would rarely be used.

Web Bay Solutions, a software developer start-up based in Belgrade, Serbia, has recently produced its own DMS platform, targeted to customers that cannot afford and sustain a preparation in IT. Its goal is to create a DMS in total compliance with the technology’s democratization process and easily accessible to anyone that needs it, in particular to small enterprises that make use of a great amount of on-paper data, in a way that enables them to turn simple documents into proper informational assets.

DMS matches nearly all kinds of businesses

The way the users can manage the documents is completely free of any complex requirement

Law firms, accounting and consulting agencies, along with other small businesses can meet in Web Bay’s DMS their easy-to-comprehend and easy-to-sustain Document Management System.

The cleaned and minimal design reflects the easiness by which anyone can use DMS, from the possibility of creating a new work team (inviting new members and deciding the access rights to be assigned), to the fact that each change, problem and relevant news can be emailed at any time to each participant.

The way the users can manage the documents is completely free of any complex requirement; they just need to work on them (one user at a time), upload their files and wait for an eventually-asked revision. Of course, a fundamental aspect of DMS is that it is possible to monitor the posted files at any time , as each version of a document is saved in the timeline.

Suggestions: an instantaneous chatting window would make communication way easier and more time-saving, and moreover it would be a great achievement developing a mobile-friendly version of the program, so that it would be possible for the businesses to work on the platform not only when in the office.

As the overall awareness about the benefits that can be brought by DMS are rapidly increasing, and as a consequence of the resulting competitors’ increase, more and more businesses are making investments on this technology to get in compliance with numerous requirements that they can’t ignore anymore.

As not being an early entrant, DMS needs to be positioned leveraging on the customer experience, on its distinguishing user-friendliness features, on the ability to keep itself always up-to-date to the market’s changing needs and trends, and on its team’s closeness to the customers to make their adaptation process more and more comfortable. The fact of being a provider of a system easy to understand, with no frills and complex requirements, confers Web Bay the possibility to conquer positions in its targeted foreign markets.

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