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Hosting and support

Hosting & support

  • TYPO3 hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • TYPO3 CMS training and manuals
  • Daily technical support
  • TYPO3 CMS maintenance


  • IT and digital marketing consulting
  • Tracking and optimising website performances
Content publishing

Content publishing

Outsource your content management tasks. Perfect when a large amount of content needs to be published fast.

Katarina Djokic :: Project Manager Web Bay

Having company’s in-house staff autonomous in publishing content and managing website is the key to minimise the costs and dependencies on third-parties.

People must receive training to learn how to use the tools in efficient and proper way. Fast reacting support is the way to build trust with the system and empower users in day-to-day tasks.

Katarina Djokic Project Manager Web Bay
Benefit from TYPO3 CMS support

Benefit from TYPO3 CMS support

Prevent losing time on problem solving. Request support and problem solution while working on a task. Get the first-hand assistance and stay up-to-date with the newest versions, security and compatibility by getting more tips. Increase efficiency and confidence in using the CMS.

TYPO3 support covers following services:

  • Email, Skype and phone support is available every working day.
  • Marketing automation built-in support.
  • Assistance in content management.
  • Every support ticket will be handled in a reasonable time span, usually in less than 24 hours.
Benefit from TYPO3 CMS support
Become more efficient with TYPO3 CMS training

Become more efficient with TYPO3 CMS training

Training fully empowers your secretariat and communication team to be autonomous in publishing content and managing a website. Users learn important tips and tricks to get more efficient and confident with TYPO3 CMS in daily usage.

Agenda of the training is individually created based on your needs and current level of familiarity with TYPO3 CMS.

  • TYPO3 CMS introduction. Understanding basics of CMS and how to manage content. No prior knowledge of any CMS is required.
  • Advanced TYPO3 CMS training. Become more efficient in daily tasks, focus on optimising and structuring the content.
  • Tips and tricks for newer TYPO3 CMS versions. Perfect for teams that used to work with older TYPO3 versions like 4.5 or 6.2 and would like to benefit from latest versions 7.6 and TYPO3 8. Learn new features and enhanced tactics to get the job done faster.

TYPO3 CMS hosting

Preserve your data with daily backups, 24/7 monitoring and get the uptime of 99,9%. Keep your data and applications permanently available and secured on a server physically located in Germany. Have your infrastructure completely managed. Benefits:

  • Hosting servers optimised for TYPO3 CMS. Enterprise ready servers optimised to boost TYPO3 CMS performances.
  • High level of availability. The infrastructure used provides an uptime of 99,9% to ensure full business continuity (Uptime is the percentage of a time period during which a server has been working).
  • Security. Security procedures and software are in place to guarantee the maximum uptime possible. Firewall and virus protection. Regular intrusion test on systems and check for vulnerabilities.
  • Backups. State of the art procedures for making backup copies are implemented (daily backups with weekly and monthly images). Backup data is stored on other physical server.
  • Physical location. The servers are located in a state of the art data centre park (Germany) providing an excellent and environmentally friendly infrastructure.
  • Management of the server. Our system engineers monitor the servers in order to provide a high-quality service to website visitors. This monitoring focuses on prevention of, as well as immediate response to service interruptions.

Switch TYPO3 CMS hosting to a new provider

Switching to a new hosting provider is a risk-free and secured process without experiencing website downtime. It is like packing suitcases (but filled with sorted files and databases), changing location and unpacking. The transfer does not affect the website structure.

As a customer, it is important to keep in mind that you are a legal owner of all your data, files, source code and databases. Your hosting provider is obliged to provide you with direct access to these documents at any moment. A customer has the right to manipulate files himself, make backups or transfer the whole website to a new hosting server, even without prior notice to the current provider.

Steps in transferring a website

1Copying files

First, all files are being copied to the new hosting server to prevent losing any data and to keep the website structure safe.

2Domain name update

After copying and testing, the domain name (example: www.yourwebsite.com) is being updated to point to the new hosting server.

3Transferring to the new server

Once previous steps are done, website is served online through the new hosting server and the old one can be safely abandoned.

Having one team managing a website and hosting means direct update of the software and system administration without losing time on additional coordination with the third party and, also, full support to the customer according to the predicted schedule.

The difference between hosting and domain ownership

Hosting server is a place to store all your data, source code and databases. Domain is the address of your website, such as www.webbaysolutions.com or www.google.com.

Hosting and domain services are usually provided by different providers. Therefore, switching hosts to a new provider does not affect the domain name nor its provider. This keeps the whole process safe – there is no risk of losing domain name or data in this process.

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