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PROF / TRAC represents an open training and qualification platform whose target audience are architects, technical experts and other professionals from the construction sector that operate by the nZEB (nearly zero-energy buildings) principles. Its main goal is to promote nZEB and educate all experts in construction the field, from designers to managers, provide them with cross-disciplinary training and offer innovative training materials to support their life-long learning process.

This project was managed by REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations) and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 649473.

PROF / TRAC represents an open training and qualification platform

The challenge

REHVA approached Web Bay with a request to design a modern platform and implement an open source content management system. It was necessary to implement some of the basic features that most EU organisations need such as event registration, publications and position papers, newsletter and a platform for downloading relevant material.

Interactive map

One of the important features REHVA wanted to implement was an interactive European trainers map with full profile of the trainer, an easy-to-manage tool for finding the nearest training partner. Our goal was also to make sure REHVA staff could manage the map with comfort.

PROF / TRAC represents an open training and qualification platform

PROF / TRAC represents an open training and qualification platform

Train the Trainers

One of the objectives of PROF / TRAC project is in work package 4 (WP4) development of a European central Train-the-Trainers program. This program should result in creating PROF / TRAC ambassadors and thus promote the nZEB further on. The aim of our digital solution was to provide full support to these requirements and help all aspects run smoothly.

To achieve this, Web Bay developed a training material repository which allows visitors to quickly find relevant training material. Furthermore, we implemented a complete event management solution which allows event browsing, registration and application to join, making sure to keep it simple for the content publishers as well.

Login protected members area

Authenticated PROF / TRAC trainers are able to access the protected area of the website. Within this area, PROF / TRAC team can publish closed events and workshops, teaching material, presentations and other resources.

Project conclusion

There is no better way to get to know someone than to spend time together, which is why Web Bay organised brainstorming meetings within REHVA's premises. Together with the client, we prepared wireframes and detailed concepts, agreed on milestones, exchanged ideas, all of which helped us agree that TYPO3 CMS can offer all the requested features with the possibility of future build up and improvements while staying within budget. We made sure multiple uses of a single module are in place, which notably simplified the editor’s job. Overall, we made sure PROF / TRAC members, partners, attendees and all interested parties obtain a digital platform they can truly be proud of.

Anita Derjanecz Managing director REHVA

TYPO3 turned out to be a good CMS for our needs and Web Bay showed to be a reliable partner on our road to a modern digital trainers’ platform.

They respond quickly, understand the project goals and often go an extra mile to deliver just the right solution, which makes you feel like working with a friend.

Anita Derjanecz Managing director

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