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Web Bay is the largest agency in this part of Europe, specialised in TYPO3 CMS and FLOW3 framework (Extbase and Fluid).
With dozens of large TYPO3 implementations for well-known companies across Europe and a team of highly experienced TYPO3 developers, we are the best choice when it comes to outsourcing TYPO3 development.

Nearshoring TYPO3 development with Web Bay

Efficient communication

Efficient communication

Fixed, up-front estimates

Fixed, up-front estimates

Internal project management and Quality assurance

Internal project management and Quality

We speak English, German, French and Spanish

We speak English, German, French and

Commitment to deadlines

Commitment to deadlines

Focused on long-term relations

Focused on long-term relations

Key challenges for successful outsourcing / nearshoring

  • Start with an early success. Start a new outsourcing relationship with a smaller, low pressure test project. This gives both sides time to adapt and fix early-phase mistakes. Having this early success boost self-esteem and brings people closer together.
  • ABC of outsourcing - Always Be Communicating. Organise a contact person, manager or product owner, on both sides and make sure these persons are in touch whenever needed. All questions should be asked right away and nothing should be left unclear.
  • It’s a B2B partnership after all. Your counterpart in outsourcing part of your team and should be treated that way. Honest relationship and readiness to compromise is vital to build trust and long lasting relation.
  • Inter-company team building. Get people from both teams to meet each other in person, organise fun group activities, and spend several days working together in the offices. This brings people of two companies closer together making everyday work much easier.
  • Set the quality standards right from the start. Contractor knows the needs of his customers best and thus should define quality standards that subcontractor must reach. Setting unreasonably high quality standards should be avoided in order to save time and resources.
  • Share knowledge, experience, source code, estimates... Companies should be ready to help each other out whenever needed in order to turn the project into a success story. Do not hide your estimates – they will help the other side have a better understanding of the work scope.
  • Involve subcontractor in your resource planning. Know the subcontractor capabilities and availability of resources. Plan ahead together with your subcontractor to ensure higher availability.
  • Avoid optimistic project schedules. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. Creating unnecessary pressure will lead to a drop in quality. Make sure that your subcontractor has enough resources to deliver the project on time.
  • Work closely together in the final phase of the project. In the finishing phase of project implementation last-minute changes or bug fixes could be stressful and intensive. This phase requires high dedication and close collaboration. At this time, creating an environment for working closely with the subcontractor’s developers is vital to avoid last-minute delays.
  • Subcontractor must not depend on you. Before starting a business relationship with a subcontractor it is important to check their stability – is the cash flow positive, are their incomes diverse (stability), what are the working conditions for employees… Working with a subcontractors that depends entirely on one or two clients is a risk.
Nemo Zalica Quadro Consulting GmbH

Web Bay was the first company Quadro Consulting contacted while searching for a business partner to cover web development requirements using a specific environment (TYPO3 CMS & framework to be more specific).

Web Bay has been successfully fulfilling our project requirements since 2014. We are extremely happy with all aspects of our business relationship: communication, punctuality, the amount of thought and planning spent on every project, feedback, suggestions and overall quality of the final product.

Definitely consider Web Bay for your next project, you will enjoy working with the team and be delighted with their output.

Nemo Zalica Senior partner Quadro Consulting GmbH

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