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European / International

Web solutions to build awareness and create strong influence. Our digital tools make secretariats more efficient and productive. Easy to use tools to manage publications, position papers, collaboration, engagement with members and the public.

EU funded projects

We build websites which help with the dissemination of EU-funded project activities. Our solutions help Consortiums spread the word and grow a larger audience, engaging the relevant stakeholders. They come as all-in-one solutions, having in mind the needs of a particular EU-funded project and European funding guidelines.

Full-service web agency

Everything you need for a successful website

  • 1) Analysis
  • 2) Concept
  • 3) Design
  • 4) Agile development
  • 5) Digital marketing
  • 6) Support and hosting
  • 7) Tracking and optimising performances
1) Analysis


Good analysis of client needs leads to early identification of success factors and consitutes a ground step in a well planned project.

» Next step: Concept

2) Concept


Concept phase covers the creation of wireframes, defining workflows and designing website user experience. It optimises the budget and ensures a well organised website.

» Next step: Design

3) Design


Transforming the concept into visually attractive website. This phase ensures that you can experience the look and feel of the website early on in the process.

» Next step: Agile development

4) Agile development

Agile development

Our development process is based on Agile methodology which reduces complexity and delivers results in short cycles. This adds more flexibility and delivers concrete results fast.

» Next step: Digital marketing

5) Digital marketing

Digital marketing

We support you by optimising your content and publishing it to the website. Actively promoting your website online and through social media is essential in order to build awareness and gain more visitors.

» Next step: Support and hosting

6) Support and hosting

Support and hosting

Your in-house staff will be completely autonomous in publishing content and managing the website - training sessions are organised to enable this.
Our highly secured hosting located in Germany together with fast technical support ensures that your website is always up-to-date and safe.

» Next step: Tracking and optimizing performances

7) Tracking and optimising performances

Tracking and optimising performances

Nothing is built perfect in a single attempt. Thus it is crucial for website success to track how visitors behave and react to the new design. We need to learn from them and work on optimisation to ensure perfect user experience.

Digital communication
using Open source technologies

Web Bay relies exclusively on Enterprise Open Source technologies when creating websites and mobile applications: TYPO3 CMS, Java and Wordpress.

This lowers investment cost, makes it future-proof and flexible. Our development process is based on Agile methodology which reduces complexity and delivers results in short cycles.

Being specialised is what makes us unique - our team has extensive experience with the needs of EU associations and international organisations.

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"Communication with Web Bay is fast and reliable"

Use cases and clients
Communication with Web Bay is fast and reliable

Web Bay at a glance

What makes Web Bay special

At Web Bay we want to grow together with our clients and provide continuous service and support. Our company culture is customer centric.

Our headquarters are only one or two hours' flight away from most of EU cities. Thus in-person meetings are easy to arrange no matter the client's location.

The difference is made through our innovative project life cycle. ยป Read more
Full-service Full-service From software development to
digital marketing and branding
Open source Open source Lower the investment cost
and increase flexibility
Long-term Long-term Focused on long-term relations
and continuous support
Experience Experience Team of 12 people delivered over
120 projects across 8 EU countries

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