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Become more efficient with TYPO3 CMS training

Training fully empowers your secretariat and communication team to be autonomous in publishing content and managing a website. Users learn important tips and tricks to become more efficient and confident with TYPO3 CMS in daily usage.

Katarina Djokic :: Project Manager Web Bay

Having company’s in-house staff autonomous in publishing content and managing website is the key to minimise the costs and dependencies on third-parties.

People must receive training to learn how to use the tools in efficient and proper way. Fast reacting support is the way to build trust with the system and empower users in day-to-day tasks.

Katarina Djokic Project Manager Web Bay

Online or face-to-face training

Face-to-face training provides more interactivity and engagement, but it can be challenging for all participants to attend. Online trainings are a “lighter” option, they are easy to organise and conveniently recordable.

Online training

No travel expenses
Video & voice recording for later usage
Easy to organise
Face-to-face training

Participants are more engaged
Hands-on experience
Organised at client’s premises

Key challenges for efficient training session

  • Goal oriented. Set clear objectives of the training, focus on practical, everyday situations. Identify pain-points of content editors and focus on solutions.
  • Base agenda on participants’ level of experience. Agenda must be adapted according to the needs and experience of the participants. A group is much more focused when agenda is to the point.
  • Be interactive. Practical tasks for participants should be organised during the training session. This sparkles Q&A and knowledge-sharing between participants.
  • Set priorities. By focusing on topics that are used in everyday situations, participants are not overwhelmed with information they are likely to forget.
  • Listen. Participants should feel free to prepare questions upfront and interrupt the speaker to ask the questions whenever needed.
  • Multi sessions training. In case of long training sessions such as “Introduction to TYPO3 content editing”, having 2 or more smaller sessions instead of 1 makes it easier for participants to stay focused.
TYPO3 CMS training with Web Bay

TYPO3 CMS training with Web Bay

Agenda of the training is individually created based on your needs and current level of familiarity with TYPO3 CMS.

Web Bay can organise face-to-face trainings in almost any EU city. Online sessions are organised via WebEx, GoToMeeting or Skype.

Most popular training types:

  • TYPO3 CMS introduction. Understanding basics of CMS and how to manage content. No prior knowledge of any CMS is required.
  • Advanced TYPO3 CMS training. Become more efficient in daily tasks, focus on optimising and structuring the content.
  • Tips and tricks for newer TYPO3 CMS versions. Perfect for teams that used to work with older TYPO3 versions like 4.5 or 6.2 and would like to benefit from latest versions 7.6 and TYPO3 8. Learn new features and enhanced tactics to get the job done faster.

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